The change of the perception  of Health Professionals (doctors, Pharmacists) that ibuprofen as a NSAID is not safe and the strengthen of  the perception of wide public that ibuprofen is safe and  effective  analgesic for many acute and chronic pain conditions for both children and adults.

We use all communications tools and especially media relations, publications in internal and local scientific media, in spot meetings and virtual webinars, KOLs as spoke persons, participation in congresses etc.

The results are excellent. A big percentage of  Health Professionals  now prescribe/proposal ibuprofen to their patients to treat acute  and chronic pain  as well as fever. They now know that ibuprofen  is at least as safe as paracetamol and probably more effective than paracetamol.

The wide public starts trusting the drug as they trust their doctors and pharmacists and as we educate them using all communications tools we have.