Hepatitis: The examination can save your life

προστατεύστε τα μάτια σας
Protect your eyes from the sun
January 14, 1991
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Hepatitis: The examination can save your life

Ηπατίτιδα, μια εξέταση σώζει

Under the message  “Hepatitis, the  examination can save your life  began in 1987 the  hepatitis awareness campaign in order to inform and educate the specific  and the general public as well as  the health professionals about hepatitis and its treatment. The main objective of the campaign was beside the above to  create hepatology centers in public hospitals.

TV spots, websites for hepatitis, advertisements, press conference, press relations and a help line were some of the tools used.

The information campaign continues until today with the Greek Society for the Study of Liver.

The results of the campaign are 100% media  and public penetration, 100% medical community update and  Creation of  hepatology centers in almost all public hospitals.